We understand your challenges, deadlines, and distractions.

It’s important to be able to take a step back.

Gain a different perspective and learn a few new tools – maybe even make a connection that could make a difference in your organization. Mosaic Strategic Partners offers workshops to business and non-profit leaders that will:

  • Respect your time, maintain a good pace, and allow plenty of time for questions and answers
  • Meet you where you are, provide practical advice, and help you advance to the next level
  • Help you put all the pieces together.  Mosaic’s unique perspective considers the details and strategies, and how to integrate them for results.

Our Training Options

All workshops and training sessions are scheduled on demand and custom workshop development can also be created for customer service improvement situations

Practical Problem Solving Training Workshop

Get the best of the most popular, problem solving training programs, with less time and cost commitments.

0-60 Business Vision

Whether you’re an established business or a start-up, a clear vision will increase your chances for success and faster growth.

Emotionless Decision Making

Do you or your team get stuck in decision making due to analysis paralysis, ineffective meetings, or worries about what could go wrong?

Jumpstart Your Growth Strategy

Do you feel like your business has stalled or is falling behind?  Jumpstart it!

Merging Business Strategic Planning & Personal Financial Planning

This is a unique seminar that introduces you to an end-to-end approach that will help you maximize your business profits and your personal savings.